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  5. References:  IWB The Imagical World of Bossons, Dr. Robert E. Davis, Rome, GA, USA, Book I (1982 L.C. Card #8251295), Book II (1994 ISBN #0-9614255-1-2).



RODEO from the Fraser-Art "Copper Collection"


If you purchase the set of two I can sell both the Rodeo      and Bronco for $385, and include FREE SHIPPING.





 BRONCO from the Fraser-Art "Copper collection"

Sale Price  $185

If you purchase the set of two I can sell both the Rodeo      and Bronco for $385, and include FREE SHIPPING.


NOTE  IN THESE ACTION STUDIES     the "Hallmark" of detail incorporated into all the Fraser-Art productions            from Bossons.       They measure                12-1/2-inches high X 13-inches wide. Bossons produced these awesome         studies FROM 1972-1977.



Barbaraossa, Aruj No. 229 SeaFarers Collection Five-inches, Series B, copyright 1994. This recent release is often found with imperfections in the gold-leaf stripes on the hat. You will purchase only the most perfect and original Bossons from Don's Collecibles, and at sale prices.   


Highwayman 8-inchs Copyright 1965.                 Released 1966-1969.

Highwayman in this original condition has sold for $385.    Sale Price $150


CHEYENNE INDIAN with red coat                          (second and final mold. ) Sale Price $99.00

his 2nd mold and 3rd version was produced from   1969 to 1992,  when it was discontinued and the   mold permanently destroyed by Bossons. Large 11" Wall Ornament. Mold was destroyed by Bossons   March 1992. You are purchasing an original Bossons,   in original box, that came directly from Bossons for a tremendous price.   EVERYTHING WE SELL IS GUARANTEED 100%                                                OR YOUR MONEY REFUNDED.

The red coat was placed on this version to                    reinforce the Arm that would break away from                the shoulder as it was removed from the mold.           Production spanned from


As is the case with all Bossons, the                same copyrioght date is used                             on all editions.

ABDUHL  No. 17- color variation Five-Strip Version       SERIES A WALL MASK      Sale Price $45.00

Exterior Hanger with open cavity (8" Series A)            Bossons Wall Ornament with the authentic                       incised copyright.


Copyright 1960 Bossons.  

The special price is contingent with                 our  overstock of this particular               Bossons.


The Afghan Dog from Dogs of Distinction, produced from 1967 to 1979, was then discontinued and re-released again in 1987 with more variations in coloring as shown here.


Many of the dogs have only the incised copyright on  the back as shown above. 

When the factory closed in 1996, the Dogs of Distinction included temporary editions of Liver and White Spaniel and this reissues of the Afghan and the Alsation Dogs with color variations.


Above is the revised and incised copyright used by Bossons from the early 1960's to closing in 1996.

When new dogs were added to the collection, Bossons would discontinue one or more models. As a result, the Afghan and Alsation Dogs are somewhat difficult to find, especially in new condition, and command a higher price than most of the dogs that were continued through to the end of productions. In alphabetical order all these dogs produced through the years, will be listed for sale, including the more rare early

Many of the dogs have only the incised copyright on the back; however, when there was adequate space"Bossons" was placed on the dogs and cats as shown on the right. The original collection of Dogs of Distinction include


When there was adequate space, "Bossons" was         included on the underside of the Dogs and Cats.              The original collection of "Dogs and Cats of           Distinction" included:  Golden Labroador, Black          Labrador, Basset Hound, Afghan, Alsation,                   Boxer,  Poodles black and white, Scottie,                   Yorkshire Terrier, and Spaniel black & white.

Fall Clearance sale $45.


FALL CLEARANCE SALE PRICE $699.                             

Harry Wheatcorft,  a world famous rose grower, is wearing the PEACE ROSE that he created and nurtured in his Rose Nursery, Notingham, England. This original Bossons from the factory is now for sale by Don at auction on eBay. Please go there to bid and save for the finest quality Bossons in the world.

Modeled by Fred Wright, and produced

for a total of two years, 1970-72.




THREE ABORIGINAL                    SCENES:  



13-1/2" Pottery Plaques, 1959-61,                         modeled by Mrs. Alice Brindley.

 We  have more of Bossons rare pottery product                  for sale and THE POOCH DOGS  are listed below.


 from "...actual photographs taken by Mr. Axel Poignant during his expeditions to Arnhem Land, Northern Australia." IWB, Bk. I p. 199.    

Please contact us for your "wants" in all Bossons categories.  We are continually having great sales.


$et of three $350

or individually $250 each

Robin Hood 6-3/4-inches No. 149 European Collection, Copyright 1985, released 1986-1996.  Out of stock.

Canadian Mountie 5-1/4-inches No. 219 Copyright 1992, released 1993-1996. Sale Price $150

Buccaneer 7-1/2-inches,  No. 61                          Copyright 1965,  Released 1966-1996.                        Seafarer Collection.                    

Outof stock.

Zapata, Emiliano, No. 210, Sculpted by Alice Brindley, copyright 1992.      Sale Price $187

FISHERMAN, No. 193, Sculpted by Alice Brindley, copyrighted 1990 and released till Bossons closed in 1996.   SALE PRICE was $150 now $99.00.

Chef, No. 30, Copyright 1969                             Released produced from 1970-1996.      

Sale Price $69.

Parrots, 1968-1969 Sculpted by Fred Wright,              produced for ONE YEAR.  7" high.                                    Sale Price was $485

now $350.

Shepherd, No. 232 

"Country-Side Collection"                                         5-3/4" Copyright 1994.  Released 1995-96. 

Now for sale, and RARE, not many produced. 

SALE PRICE      $187.50


POOCH No. 1  4-3/4" called pooch sitting                      Sale Price was $350 They are 

original and has NO CRAZING

 * now $276

POOCH No. 2,  4-1/2" called pooch with tail up               Sale Price $350,   * now $286

All three dogs are made of fired pottery. They are difficult to find, especially free of 'crazing'. These three dogs are in guaranteed new condition as they came from Bossons from 1960-62. Some of the dogs have the production numbers incised under one paw, but none have copyright incisions.      

POOCH No. 3,  5-1/2" called pooch                       with with the  " Paw Up"                                                          Sale Price was $350  

now $286


$500 dollars!

FISHERWOMAN,   No. 222,  51/4-inches, 1994,                sculpted by Alice Brindley as a companion model to        Fisherman in the SEAFARER COLLECTION being sold here at a great discount price. (scroll back, if you missed it).

 Sale Price $166

As with all our Bossons, they are guaranteed 100% satisfaction, or your money refunded without question. Even the backs on our Bossons are new with no defects,  as is commonly found, making them "secondhand" from some other sellers.

All Bossons are sold, new in original             Bossons boxes.

Winston Churchill IBCS issue

SALE PRICE        $185.

This is one of several Bossons that were given as gifts by Ray Bossons at various meetings of the International Bossons Collectors Society (IBCS).


Churchill was given to members at tne 1988              meeting of the IBCS.

Later Bosssons released it to the general public          without the IBCS I.D. emblem.  

You do not want to purchase this particular              Bossons unless is has the ORIGINAL gold             IBCS plate attached and from an authorized        Bossons dealer.

Beautiful ANEMONES 12-inch Plaque in original condition in Bossons box .



22-inch Fraser-Art











5-1/2-Inch Character Head, producked from 1984

to Bossons closing in December, 2006.

Perhaps the most popular Bossons ever produced.

New in original box,  SALE PRICE $145


5-1/2-inch Character Head, produced from 1984

to Bossons closing in December, 2006.

Perhaps the second most popular Bossons ever produced.

New in origianl box, SALE PRICE $155


Pony Girl 7" (1969-70) from "The Three Child Studies"                                Sale Price was $499.          


THREE CHILD STUDIES include Rosa, Mimi and this perfect example of the Bossons Pony Girl.

The incised copyright reads "Ponty Girl"                             (c) 1968 Bossons ENGLAND"


Note the perfection in the child's skin        and   and the beauty of the eyes,                                a Bossons Hallmark.