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CoinNew Orleans Coins

New Orleans Morgan Dollars Mint Mark = O

The date, mint, and SALE price is given BELOW the reverse of each coin.

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1882-O Front 1883-O Front 1884-O Front
1882-O Back 1883-O Back 1884-O Back
1882-O S$1 MS 63 ANACS #4959029

1883-O S$1 MS 65 PCI#3885724005

1884-O S$1MS 63 ANACS #4959040

1885-O Front 1886-O Front 1887-O Front
1885-O Back 1886-O Back 1887-O Back
1885-O S$1 MS 65 ANACS #735566

1886-O S$1 AU 50 ANACS #4959043

1887-O S$1 MS 63 NGC# 610008-003 

1888-O Front 1889-O Front 1890-O Front
1888-O Back 1889-O Back 1890-O Back
1888-O S$1 MS 64 PCGS#7184.64/4862874

1889-O S$1 AU 55 ICG# 1560850201

1890-O S$1 MS 63  PCI #57719 10008
(75% white) 

1891-O Front 1892-O Front

Photo to be uploaded 

Graded PCGS VF35

1891-O Back 1892-O Back Photo to be uploaded

1891-O S$1 MS 62 PCI #090808 1009

1892-O S$1 VF 25 NGC #117214-003

1893-O S$1VF 35

1894-O Front 1895-O Front

Photo to be uploaded

Graded ANACS VF25

1894-O Back 1895-O Back Photo to be uploaded

1894-O S$1 AU 50 ANACS #426975

1895-O S$1 VF 30 NGC #117214-002

1896-O S$1 VF 25 

1897-O Front 1898-O Front 1899-O Front
1897-O Back 1898-O Back 1899-O Back
1897-O S$1 MS 60 NGC #611505-001
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1898-O S$1 MS 65 ANACS #341014

1899-O S$1 MS 65 NGC #676678-012

1900-O Front 1901-O Front 1902-O Front
1900-O Back 1901-O Back 1902-O Back
1900-O S$1 MS 65 PCGS #7266.65/3452972 

1901-O S$1 MS 63 PCI #140294 1030

1902-O S$1 MS 64 PCI #34604 11003

1903-O Front 1904-O Front
1903-O Front 1904-O Back
1903-O S$1 MS 63 PCI #34604 11005

1904-O S$1 MS 65 NGC #331054-003

1880-O S Front 1881-O S Front
1880-O S Back 1881-O S Back
1880-O S$1  AU 55 NGC  #672374-004

1881-O S$1  MS 63 NGC 622373-001