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In a 40-minute iMovie that uses the rare and Beautiful Bossons

Character Wall figure

ROSA (from the Child Studies, 1958).

ROSA (from the Child Studies, 1958).

Along with the Bossons Disney Characters, she takes you on a

"Living Travel Guide"

of sight-and-sound

into and through

Don's personal Bossons Collection.

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If you treasure Bossons™ as much as we do, then you've come to the right place.Don's Collectibles, based in Las Cruces, New Mexico, specializes in appraising and selling authentic Bossons. We also sell a distinctive selection of gold and silver coins, and choice Hummels of all trade Marks.

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At Don's Collectibles, we sell, buy, and appraise Bossons. We have an extensive inventory of Bossons for you to choose from, including many distinctive pieces. We know you will appreciate the artistic and historical value of Bossons and the supreme quality of our inventory.

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Male Face Man in Turban Dark Skinned Woman

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What Are Bossons?

Bossons are the product of W.H. Bossons Ltd. of Congleton, England. This company is most renowned for their production of character wall masks, plaques, figurines, and the uniquely original PVC (Stonite TM) productions from the Fraser-Art Division of Bossons.

In December 1996, Bossons ceased operation. Since that time authentic products have continued to become scarcer, especially the very rare examples of which only a few models were made.The Cricketeer ,shown here, is from Don's personal collection. It was never placed into production and carries a copyright date of 1995. This piece is one of only 2 or 3 known to exist. Product availability linked here.

Many Bossons were made of gypsum plaster and produced with the highest qualityand detail. The creation of Bossons was never a line-production effort. Instead, each Bossons is an individually hand-painted work of art. Some models were produced in extremely few numbers, e.g.The Mexican Senoritashown here. Others may have taken too long to hand paint or had less public appeal and were limited; for example, many of the Series B Wall Masks like SEAFARERS, copyrighted from 1960 - 1982, were released worldwide in the thousands.

When Dr. Robert E. Davis published his second volume of "The Magical World of Bossons" in 1994, he included those Bossons produced from 1983 - 1994. New and original condition Bossons have become increasingly rare and difficult to find since the release of this book and the subsequent release of Bossons products produced from 1983-1994. Using information from collectors around the world, Dr. Davis also included detailed photographs of newly discovered important Bossons, including color and design variations from as early as 1946. Many of these Bossons carry copyright dates of 1958-1959.

Caution is hereby given to collectors regarding these discoveries, especially in color variations made to well-known Bossons, e.g., Pathan and Harry Wheatcroft and many of our most common Bossons, e.g. LifeBoatman, Tibetan, Saracen, Syrian, Rawhide, Pancho, and many others.

Fraudulent copies of the common Bossons have been around for years. We are now finding the fraud has been extended to molded copies of the most rare prototypes e.g., Cricketeer, Butler, and others.
Please stay connected and informed.

Authentic Bossons and documented findings are often shown and studied in quarterly issues of the BOSSONS BRIEFS, publication of the International Bossons Collectors Society (IBCS). We encourage Membership in the IBCS available through this link.

Bossons Collectibility

All Bossons are now categorized as "discontinued" due to the closing of the business in 1996. As supplies are depleted, many Bossons continue to appreciate in value, thus adding to their collectibility. Especially coveted are New Bossons in original condition, in original Bossons boxes. These are the majority of Bossons we sell at Don's Collectibles as we have a vast stock available from many years past. Visit DON'S Bossons Collection and Bossons Collecting LINKED above to learn more; and then consider purchasing some of our Bossons For Sale.

Contact us for more information about purchasing from our collection of authentic Bossons, Hummels and Coins.