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West Point


The distinctive display box also has a protective slide away cover with a gold-leaf title.
™American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Proof Coin BU1 SOLD SOLD SOLD
The box is polished red wood. The center section has stitched leather.

When you open the cover of the box, the center section pops forward for a front view of this awesome .9999 Fine Gold Coin. It is 100% proof condition (BU 1) and sealed in a circular plastic case just as it came from the U. S. Mint in 2010.

The plastic, sealed center section that holds the coin,  can be removed so you can option to view the reverse side showing the American Buffalo by artist James Earle Fraser. The wooden part fits like a glove and I still haven't figured out how that entire middle part operates so smoothly as it either seats flat in the box, or pops forward for viewing.






This Certificate of Authenticity, shown below, opens like a small book with the Director of the U. S. Mints' signature is attached, Edmund C. Moy.



The coin will be shipped using USPS Registered Mail, insured for the full amount with signature required upon receipt of the coin. Your purchase is guaranteed to please, or a complete refund. Shipping will be made in the US complimentary with three days (3) return policy.

We accept PayPal, but prefer that you send a Certified Bank Check or Money Order that will save us when offering to sell at this generous sale price.

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2010 Gold Proof American Buffalo One Once Coin                                                                                   SOLD SOLD